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How to Measure for the Right-Sized Bangle

How to Measure for the Right-Sized Bangle

Jun 05

Welcome to Jewelyaari's Bangle Size Guide! Whether you're shopping for trendy bangles or looking for the perfect gift, finding the right size is essential for a comfortable and stylish fit. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about bangle sizes, measurements, and how to choose the right size for different styles.

1. Finding the Correct Size

Finding the correct size bangle is crucial for a perfect fit and comfortable wear. Ill-fitting bangles can be difficult to put on or may fall off easily. Additionally, the right size ensures you achieve the desired look and style.

2. How to Measure for the Right-Sized Bangle

There are three primary methods for measuring your wrist or hand to determine the appropriate bangle size:

a. Measuring Hand Width

  1. Position your hand as though putting on a bangle, tucking your thumb into the palm.
  2. Wrap a measuring tape around the knuckles, including the thumb knuckle, and note the measurement where it overlaps. This is your hand circumference.

b. Measuring Wrist Size

  1. Wrap a measuring tape snugly around your wrist bone.
  2. Mark where the tape overlaps and measure the length. Alternatively, use a string or ribbon and a straight ruler for measurement.

c. Measuring Existing Bangle Diameter

If you already have a bangle that fits well, measure its internal diameter by placing a straight ruler across the middle from one inner edge to the other.

3. Understanding Bangle Size Charts

Bangle size charts typically display either the inner diameter or inside circumference of a bangle. This helps you determine the size that best fits your measurements.

4. Jewelyaari Bangle Size Chart

Wrist Measure Range (inches/cm) Bangle Circumference (inches/cm) Bangle Diameter (inches/mm, rounded)
5 - 5.5" (13 -14cm) 5.7 - 6.1" (14.5 - 15.5cm) 1.8 - 2" (48 - 51mm)
5.5 - 7" (14 - 17.7cm) 6.5 - 6.9" (16.5 - 17.5cm) 2.13 - 2.25" (54 - 57mm)
7 - 8" (17.7 - 20.3cm) 7.2 - 7.7" (18.5 - 19.5cm) 2.38 - 2.50" (60 - 64mm)
8.5 - 9" (21.5 - 22.6cm) 8.2" (20.9cm) 2.63" (67mm)

5. Choosing the Right Size for Different Bangle Styles

Different bangle styles require different sizing considerations:

a. Open Bangles & Wrist Cuffs:

  • Choose a size closest to your hand measurement for open bangles.
  • For wrist cuffs, select the size closest to your wrist circumference for a snug fit.

b. Hinged Bangles:

  • Hinged bangles open and close with a clasp, eliminating the need to base sizing on hand measurements.
  • Jewelyaari's hinged bangles usually fall between 60-63.7mm (inner diameter) when closed.

c. Closed Bangles:

  • Closed bangles are best selected based on your hand size for an average fit.
  • Ensure a snug fit where you can easily run your finger around the bangle's internal diameter.

6. Things to Consider

  • Consider the width of the bangle, as wider bangles may fit more snugly than slim ones.
  • For gifting, hinged bangles offer more flexibility in size.
  • Gem-studded bangles with hinges ensure a perfect fit when closed.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect bangle size for your style and comfort. Happy shopping with Jewelyaari!

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